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No matter what your dream demands, whether it's a complex engineering structure, a unique business plan, a large scale project or a simple advice, we are here to help you achieve it.

These are professional hen-houses specially designed for the production of Layers for eggs. The structure is designed to be simply installed by the client on site according to plans supplied by Herman Zemel.

The best kit for Layers!

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These are professional greenhouses specially designed for the production of fruits and vegetables. The structure is designed to be simply installed by the client on site according to plans supplied by Herman Zemel.

The best kit for Greenhouses!

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These are professional and versatile chicken houses specially designed for the production of broilers/pullets for meat. The structure is designed to be simply installed by the client on site according to plans supplied by Herman Zemel.


The best kit for Broilers!

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These are professional agro-produce packing houses specially designed for sorting and storing vegetables for the distribution, storage, sale and marketing of agro-products. The structure is designed to be simply installed by the client on site according to plans supplied by Herman Zemel.

The best kit for Packing Houses!

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Poultry Business


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Forecast of expected expenses
Profitability and return of investment calculation

Forecast of your expected income possibilities

Estimated price for construction + materials needed on site

Unsure About Your Poultry Project? 

I started my agro-produce business a couple of years ago and it's amazing how I am already benefiting from it. Herman Zemel's team of experts helped me to identify what were the best products for me according to the country I am in, and to what was lacking in the market.

-- Anna Bartlett, Packing House Owner

Herman Zemel had professional tropical greenhouses, the right ones for my region and that made all the difference.  Now I have a high-quality structure and I'm making a better income then all my neighbor farmers who still work with homemade materials.

- Ebele Nomalanga, Greenhouse Farmer

Every Project Must Have A Business Plan!

By doing this investment simulation   you learn the basics of investing in the egg production business and what works best for you, without the risk. From your costs management plans and your investment possibilities, this calculating simulator will give you results on all costs, profitability guarantees, and investment opportunities.

You Must Have a Feed Formula!

General Feed Formula


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Balanced formula made for high profitability that helped dozens of farmers produce millions of eggs. This feed composition can improve your livestock performance while preventing it from sicknesses and diseases.

Specific Feed Formula


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Most Popular

Tailor-made Feed Formula made for the maximum performance. Get a direct contact with our livestock nutritionist that will build the formula especially for your farm. Sicknesses prevention.

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Business Plan is not only vital when securing funding on a start-up phase, but also an important guide to help you manage your business more effectively. 

When looking for an investment, you should give the potential investor a security about your project before they invest in your venture, by demonstrating to them that you are an expert in your industry with a solid and a clear mission. 

It will make you understand your business as well as the market a little better and will show you how best to operate within this environment, in order to ensure your long-term success.

Business Plan: Why Is It Important?

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Do you have what it takes to be our Agent in your country?

Are you a person with an eye for business? Are you a great salesperson? We are looking for you! In order to meet the growing international demand, we are looking for highly motivated and ambitious agents to promote our products in their countries. As our commission structure is very competitive, this is an offer suitable for established, experienced agents with a record of success in working with agriculture as it is also an excellent opportunity to expand your own business. If you (or your company) meet our requirements then you may  become our authorized representative in your country.

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